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Get Your Chevron Art On!

One of the paper craft pattern trends of the year is the chevron. The chevron is basically a series of V’s in a row, but the pattern can either be bold or somewhat subtle depending on the color and level of contrast.

Setting the Tone with Texture in Art

Paper comes in so many patterns and colors, but sometimes simply the texture of a paper can be exactly what you need to set a certain tone in your next art piece.

Icy January

Every January, special events take place in many different cities around the world. Chainsaws and carving tools are sharpened in preparation for spectacular feats. January is prime season for ice sculpting.

Paper Globes

Paper is one of the most versatile mediums available. With just a few cuts and folds you can take paper from 2D to 3D. Paper globes can be made with printed or hand decorated paper.

Tips on Painting Snowy Landscapes

Painting snow can be trickier than you think. Even though snow is, in essence, white, when you closely observe it, you will notice a multitude of colors.

Monster-A-Day Art projects for kids (of all ages!)

The Monster-A-Day project is a great exercise for any artist! It stretches your creative muscle by challenging you to create a new monster every day for a month. Download and print the borders and get your monster portfolio started!

Stacking the Deck

Ready to gamble with some creativity? Create your own deck of playing cards. Playing cards offer the challenge of both pattern design as well as portraits.

Etched Glass Designs

Have you ever wondered how to make your own etched glass creations? You can create beautiful glass etched designs with just a few handy tools.

A New Medium for Fall

It’s fall! It’s the season when you test your artistic chops out on that orange gourd—the pumpkin. For most, Halloween is all about the costumes and the candy. But for artists it’s the time to switch up your skill set and expand your creativity.

Paper Weaving with Flair

Paper weaving is a tried and true art technique for any age. As children, we learned this simple art form by weaving together many straight strips of paper, in and out, under and over.

Mixed Media Tips

Create layers of artwork and dimension with paper and mixed media techniques.

The Art of Wood Block Printing

Wood block printing is an age old art form. It's just like using a regular stamp, but with the design carved out of wood. You can create some really intricate designs and beautiful art pieces with carved wood blocks.

The Art of Quilling

Paper—something every artist has in common. We’ve all used it. It’s where many great pieces of art start. Beyond its everyday uses, paper is actually one of the most versatile tools any artist will touch.

Cake Decorating Like a Pro

Cake decorating is a true art form. The medium is quite different than what a painter or a paper artist would use, but the principles are the same.

Inspiring a Young Artist

Most children enjoy coloring and craft projects. But what if your child seems to show a deeper interest in art? Helping to nurture an artistic talent at an early age will prepare them for future pursuits.

Inspiration is Falling

The leaves are falling and nature has temporarily changed its palette. The warm reds and oranges of the leaves scintillate against the muted tones of the branches. It’s a time for dramatic lighting, and long shadows.

Fruit Carving Project

In art, anything can be a canvas. For over 700 years the people of Thailand have been sculpting fruits and vegetables into masterpieces. The art form is called "Kae-sa-lak" and is the official art of Thailand.

Festival Art Finds

While summer is winding down, the festival season is just hitting its stride. Around the country, in big cities and in small picturesque towns, the final weekends of summer are being celebrated with local fairs and festivals.

Experimenting with Egg Tempera Paint

In the spirit of the season, you and your family may be coloring eggs, but have you ever tried painting with them? Egg tempera paint is said to have dated back to prehistoric times.

Color Forecast

The forecast is in… It calls for spring days with Dusk Blue skies, emerging Tender Shoots sprouting up around with an occasional reflection of a Grayed Jade cloud in the sky.

Artistic Holiday Decorations Project

The holidays are the time to show off your artistic skills with handmade decorations. Skip the typical store-bought accoutrements, instead adorn your mantle with your own handcrafted creations.

How Conscious is Your Color?

It's hard to find a color that doesn't possess its own beauty. The trick is making color combinations that enhance the beauty of the colors around them. But how do you choose your color combos?

Art Inspiration

As artists, we are used to the ebb and flow of creativity. Some days we are inspired by everything we see. Inspiration for future projects are around every corner. The next day may be harder, with a stark white canvas sitting in front of us, and no ideas.

Create Art with Contrast

Contrast is the value difference between the colors in your art piece. And the value is how bright or dark your colors are next to each other.

A New Way to Hang

Do you have a pile of artwork waiting to be framed? It's easy to get in a framing rut, thinking every piece of art needs a frame and mat to be hung on the wall.

Painter's Tape Masterpieces

Create a colorful modern masterpiece using a simple painter's tool that is usually used to keep paint out of an area — painter's tape!

Modern Mosaic Art

Mosaic art has been around since the time of Homer and the Odyssey. The art form was used to enhance flooring and walls. Early mosaics where designs made using inlaid pebbles. Throughout history mosaics have evolved as materials become available. Brightly colored stone, glass, ceramic tiles, and gold pieces were later used to create scenes for churches and other buildings.

Paper Cutting and Collage Meet the Digital World

Paper cut illustration has a really long history, but many paper artists nowadays enhance their hand cut creations with the aid of the computer. You can create intricate cuts with your X-ACTO knife and the layering of different papers, but many artists take it to another level without making it feel electronic.

History of Paper Cutting

Paper cutting is an art with a long history. Its first origins date back to the 4th century after the invention of the paper by the Chinese. Some of their earliest uses for papercutting were for religious decorations or stencils used for patterns in embroidery. For a long time, this art form was popular among high-society women, but it soon spread to other classes. Paper cutting practices ranged from the skilled craftsman to its evolution into the folk art world. People displayed paper cut desig

Overcoming Artist's Block

Have you ever been stuck on what to put on a canvas, or create next? Don't worry, you aren't losing your artistic ability, just a minor hiccup in your momentum.

The Art of Intricate Paper Cutting

Cutting thin lines in a paper is one of the most challenging aspects of an intricate papercutting design. If you are just learning to master this skill, a quick tip is to begin with thicker paper. It will hold the shape better and withstand a cut design more easily.

The Melted Crayon Trend

There was definitely an art trend with a throwback to an old school art medium in 2012. Melting crayons on canvas made many appearances on various Pinterest boards and creative blogs.