A New Way to Hang

A New Way to Hang

Do you have a pile of artwork waiting to be framed? It's easy to get in a framing rut, thinking every piece of art needs a frame and mat to be hung on the wall. But frames are expensive and limiting. The truth is there are much more interesting picture frame alternatives to get your art out of that pile and on the wall. 

Hang pictures with clothes pins and clips:

You can take advantage of any space by using clips and pins. Just use two nails and run a line of twine across the wall. Find vintage paperclips or regular old clothes pins from your laundry room. Use clips to hang multiple pieces of art on the twine. This gives you a picture frame alternative to fill a space with rows of art. 

Make a shadowbox with boxes and drawers:

Hang small weathered boxes and drawers on a wall to create a shadow box effect for artwork. Mount your art in the center, using roughly torn watercolor paper in the background as mat. You can mount it flat to the box or use layers of foam tape to give depth and create a 3D effect.

Hang art with pant hangers:

Even something as basic as pant hangers can be used to hang art. Just secure your print or painting directly between the wooden part of the hanger. Then, using a drawer pull or a decorative hook affixed to the wall, you can dangle your hanger and art from it. This works great for a tall skinny space where you can vertically exhibit multiple pieces.

There are endless possibilities for creatively displaying your art with picture frame alternatives. Don't get hung up on the old mat and frame routine. Look around your house and find great new ways to use everyday items to hang your art in a new way.