Fruit Carving Project

Fruit Carving Project

In art, anything can be a canvas. For over 700 years the people of Thailand have been sculpting fruits and vegetables into masterpieces. The art form is called "Kae-sa-lak" and is the official art of Thailand. Using items like melons, radishes, and carrots the people of Thailand create stunning sculpture work. This fascinating art form is perfect for anyone interested in sculpting. The tools needed to start your fruit carving project may be in your kitchen already, and the medium is affordable and abundant. A great way to take a stab at this art is to start with melons. Melons provide a nice large scale to practice on, and the flesh is easy to cut through. Here are some tips to get you started:

Bringing the melon to room temperature will make it easier to carve.

Use a few different knives of varying sizes. A large chef knife is perfect for cutting away large chunks. A small paring knife is good for peeling the rind. An X-ACTO knife is ideal for cutting out fine details.

Start your fruit carving project by cutting a thin piece off the bottom of the melon to create a flat base. This will make the melon more stable while carving.

Utilize the multiple colors of the melon in your design. For watermelons use both shallow and deep cuts; showcase all of the layers from the green of the rind, the white of the inner rind, to the pink of the flesh.

When peeling sections of the rind cut large, thin pieces that can be shaped and added back into the design. Secure these pieces with round toothpicks.