Inspiration is Falling

Inspiration is Falling

The leaves are falling and nature has temporarily changed its palette. The warm reds and oranges of the leaves scintillate against the muted tones of the branches. It’s a time for dramatic lighting, and long shadows. Nature has long been a muse for artists, appearing time and time again in paintings and sketches. Leaves in particular have been a famous focal point—from Vincent van Gogh Autumn Leaves to Georgia O’Keeffe’s Yellow Leaves. The beauty and delicate changing nature of leaves make them unique in nature. They have texture, movement, color, and a fragile quality that can make them the perfect object to explore artistically.
The falling leaves of autumn are an excellent inspiration to stop and take a creativity break with this leaf art project. Let nature be your guide, and your challenge. Take a minute to use the nature around you, and work in a way you may have not tried before, while intertwining nature into your art. Deliberately dare yourself to try something new:

Stencil Effect:

Incorporate leaves by using them as a stencil. Test your paint technique with spray paint, spraying around the leaves, designing with their negative shapes.

Create a Collage or Mosaic:

Use leaves or dyed or painted pumpkin seeds to create images.

Cut Leaves:

Get out your favorite X-ACTO and try experimenting—cutting and scraping images into leaves. By using a scraping method you can create a design that looks like it is floating in the leaf shape.