Inspiring a Young Artist

Inspiring a Young Artist

Most children enjoy coloring and craft projects. But what if your child seems to show a deeper interest in art? Helping to nurture an artistic talent at an early age will prepare them for future pursuits.  Here are some kid's art ideas and tips on how to encourage a young aspiring artist:

Encourage your young artist to keep a sketchbook

Whether it’s a bound book or a folder to keep loose pages in, have your artist keep their work together as a record of their experiences.

Introduce your young artist to new techniques

If your artist is interested in drawing, but she only works with standard pencils, introduce her to works that have been done in ink. Show her multiple examples of the new medium. Then work with her to experiment with the new medium.  Remind her it may not be a masterpiece right away—have fun with it!

Go beyond the museum

Art museums are great, but you can also introduce your young artist to “less famous” works of art at local art festivals or on the internet. People doing creative and inspiring works are all around us. Have fun exploring and looking for art everywhere, everyday!

Talk to artists young and old

Keep an eye out for interesting presentations at local libraries or museums by artists. Attend local art fairs and festivals, and speak to the artist with your child and discuss how the artists got started, what materials they use, what schooling they’ve had, etc.

And most of all, keep creating, learning, and encouraging your young artist!