Overcoming Artist's Block

Overcoming Artist's Block

Have you ever been stuck on what to put on a canvas or create next?

Don't worry. You aren't losing your artistic ability.  It's just a minor artist block in your momentum. Sometimes you have to switch gears a little to change your thought process and let your subconscious take over. Inspiration will come back to you.

Try visiting old paintings or art pieces to remember the inspiration behind previous works of art to overcome your artist block. Or peruse magazines or online publications to gain a different perspective. Sometimes the act of simply walking away from a canvas, and going for a physical walk is enough to re-focus your artistic mind.

Try a task that is more of an exercise rather than an art piece, like color studies or organizing your art space. And just so you are ready when inspiration hits, have your canvas or paper and supplies ready and waiting for you to create.

Try listening to some of your favorite music. Whether meditative or upbeat, feel the music and let that get your creative juices flowing by not concentrating on the blank page, but on the rhythm of the music.

Doodle or sketch freely outside in nature. Let your pencil and subconscious take over without focusing on what to create but just on what you see or feel. However you overcome your creative artist block, just remember it is always and only temporary.

Don't lose heart, and you will soon be on your way to your next great masterpiece.