Grow Your Own Paper Leaves

Grow Your Own Paper Leaves

Fall leaves are so beautiful to look at, but not so easy to preserve and craft with. You can create your own paper leaves with real leaf texture by stamping the leaf texture onto paper.

DIY Paper Leaf Instructions

Gather Leaves for Inspiration: Your first step is to gather a variety of real fresh leaves to work. Make sure that they haven't started to dry out or they may be too brittle to work with. Either gather freshly fallen leaves, or pick fresh leaves from the tree. Look for leaves with good vein quality and texture.

Paint the Paper Leaf: Then, using craft paint and a sponge brush, apply a thin coat of paint on the back your leaf. Make sure to protect your surface by putting down newsprint or newspapers. Place your leaf, paint side down, onto the paper you would like to print on and use a rubber brayer to press the leaf into the paper. Peel back your leaf and reveal your beautiful print. You can repeat the process as many times as you like. Try different leaf shapes and sizes to work with.

You can play with printing on a variety of different colored papers as well. Experiment with paint colors and blending together on your leaves. Each leaf print will be unique and a work of art in itself. Use your precision scissors or X-ACTO knife to cut out your printed leaves once the paint has dried. Now you have own collection of paper leaves to craft with. You can use them in your next scrapbooking project, decorate note cards with them, or even use them as pretty gift tags. Get crafting with your pretty printed paper leaves.