Paper Accent Cutting Tips

Paper Accent Cutting Tips

Add some pizazz to your next scrapbook page or project with hand-cut paper accents. Sometimes cutting a shape or design can be challenging, but with the help of precision tip scissors, you can become a pro at cutting paper accents.

Begin by roughly cutting out an image or shape so that you have less paper to handle while cutting.

Place your paper all the way in the center of the scissors (or fulcrum), not the tip, for easier maneuverability.

The small tip of the precision tip scissors makes it easier to cut out tight corners or details in your design.

You can avoid choppy edges by making long, slow cuts in your design.

Another tip is to make your paper do the work, not the scissors. Move the paper, not your scissors, when cutting around the edges of your design.

Use these tips to cut pictures or designs out of scrapbook paper, and add to your next scrapbooking project.