teachers' Projects

Snow Day

There is something inherently fun about frozen bits of crystallized water falling from the sky! Every child knows the magic of snow—it has the power to suspend school days, it’s the ideal material to build a fort, and it’s perfect for high-speed hill action.

Luck of the Irish

Bring some St. Patty’s Day spirit to your classroom! Get out the green, and get ready to party! St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th.

Prep Your Classroom For a Successful Year

Preparing for the first day of school can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you are a new teacher. There are materials to organize, curriculums to plan, and bulletin boards to decorate.

Work St. Patrick's Day into Your Lesson Plan

One of the most recognized symbols of St. Patrick's Day is the the shamrock. Four leaf clovers are meant to be really lucky, and legend is that you can find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Perfectly Positive Valentines Classroom Project

Exchanging Valentines is a common activity in the classroom, especially with the younger grades. With the spirit of Valentines Day in mind, here is an easy and fun project to promote positive feedback and community in your classroom.

Bookmark It for Summer

It's the end of the school year, and one of the most important skills your students should keep up with during summer vacation is reading.

Celebrate the Earth this Earth Day!

April 22nd is Earth Day! It’s a chance to talk with students about our impact on the planet and ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle some of our trash.

Bookmark This Project

The weather is heating up, the flowers are blooming and the kids are getting restless. The countdown to the last day of school has already begun. Thoughts of vacations and staying up past 8 o'clock on a weeknight are on the minds of every child.

Brilliant Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas

Does it feel like you just put up your board, and now it's time to take it all down again? Time for new designs, new ideas. What haven't you tried? How about using old wallpaper, tablecloths or imitation grass for backgrounds?

Create a Classroom Time Capsule

It's an exciting time when a new school year starts. So many new faces, goals, and challenges for the upcoming school year.

Fall Leaf Rubbing Classroom Project

The falling leaves outside can inspire a great interactive classroom activity or art project. Have your students each collect their own colorful Fall leaves from home, or if possible, structure a nature walk around the school grounds to hunt for good leaves to make rubbings from.

Father's Day Word Play Craft

Have you planned a Father's classroom project yet? Here is a great one that involves a little interactive word play.

Fun with To-Do!

Get things done and have fun doing it with these interactive to-do lists. Download them all to get things finished at home or in the classroom.

Give it a Frame!

Showcase something in your classroom with colored foam board that you have cut into frames. You can create an easy foamboard frame using our Foamboard Cutter.

Keeping Students Focused Before Winter Break with Holiday Crafts

It’s almost the holidays, and winter break is right around the corner. A great deal of your students may be preoccupied with images of sugarplums dancing in their heads. To bring their thoughts back to the classroom, we have some simple activities centered around the holidays with templates you can print.

Make a Handprint Fall Wreath

A fun classroom project and decoration idea for fall is to create a classroom handprint wreath. The colors of fall are all around, and you can easily bring them into your classroom with a little craftiness and the cooperation of your students.

Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 7th. It’s time to reflect on the great teachers that have touched and inspired us—teachers who have provided a sturdy foundation for working with a new generation of young people.

Spooktacular Halloween Projects

Spiders and Skulls! Bats and pumpkins! Halloween is in full force! Candy is on the mind of every student. Get their focus back into the classroom with some spooktacular fun! Have the students work on projects that you can use to decorate the room.

Say Thanks with a Thanksgiving craft!

Thanksgiving is coming and it’s a great time to incorporate gratitude into the curriculum. Teaching children the value of appreciating the good things in life, as well as the people around them, is a great life lesson.

Seasonal Class Photo Shoot

Santa’s on the scene! Use the templates provided to create large, seasonal boards with holes for students to put their faces through. Then just get out the camera and snap some pics! Capture the class pictures everyone will want to share all season long!

Presidents’ Day

This year Presidents’ Day will be celebrated on, February 18th. The origin of this holiday was to celebrate the life and works of George Washington.

Recap the School Year

As the weather heats up, students (and teachers) are gearing up for summer break. While there are still a few weeks left of school take the time to have your students think back on all the things they’ve learned throughout the year.

Welcome Back Designs

It’s never too early to get a jump on next years classroom decorations. Just download these colorful designs and you have everything you need to create a spectacular “Welcome Back” bulletin board display!

Life Lessons

Why did you become a teacher? Is it because you like kids? Or because you love sharing knowledge? Maybe you had a teacher who inspired you. When you started, did you have any idea about everything this career entails?

Holiday Fingerprint Art Project

If you are looking for a fun and simple winter classroom project before the holidays, look no further than the tip of your fingers.

Hello, My Name is Bulletin Board

It’s a new school year, a fresh start, and a classroom full of new faces. It’s a time to get to know your students and for them to get to know you. Sharing some of your interests with your class is a great way to connect with your kids.

What's Your Sign?

A great summer project for kids is creating a camp twig sign. It is an inexpensive way to keep kids busy and connect with nature. The project can start with a hike, where the children collect twigs, bark, acorns, and shells.