Bookmark This Project

Bookmark This Project

The weather is heating up, the flowers are blooming and the kids are getting restless. The countdown to the last day of school has already begun. Thoughts of vacations and staying up past 8 o'clock on a weeknight are on the minds of every child. And even though you know there is plenty of learning still to be done; it may be like you are battling Mother Nature. It's you against bright sunshine and the call of the swimming pool.

We are here to help! We have a great activity to help little minds put their creative focus back on learning. It's a sweet little reminder that they may be on summer break soon, but there is still some summer learning to be done. Summer reading lists!

This bookmark project helps to introduce the summer reading list with a little fun and artistry. It's a customized bookmark activity simple to complete. The kids can make bookmarks that double as a record of the books they've read from their reading list. You can make it as simple or as fancy as you want.

All you need to do is download the templates, print them out, and get your craft scissors. The kids can color, cut and make them their own. Once completed, the kids can take their summer reading into their own hands by keeping track of the books they’ve read. You can then encourage the kids to design and create their own bookmarks. It's a fun activity to bridge the last days of school with summer learning!

Download the templates