Brilliant Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas

Brilliant Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas

Does it feel like you just put up your board, and now it's time to take it all down again? Time for new designs, new ideas. What haven't you tried?  How about using old wallpaper, tablecloths or imitation grass for backgrounds?

Make grass for your classroom bulletin board

Imitation grass, or AstroTurf, can be found at your local hardware store. When using the grass as a background, attach felt as a backing to items you want to attach to the board. This creates a Velcro-like effect. And it makes your pieces movable, allowing you to set up your board as a sports field or outdoor setting. Now you can create an activity or game where you move pieces toward a finish line and interact with your students.

Use aluminum foil to attract attention

How about heavy duty aluminum foil? This material creates an eye-catching reflective background. Place items on top of the foil and watch them POP from the background. Foil also allows the board to be easily changed or disassembled. The shiny surface makes it easier for tape to be peeled and removed.

Themes with social media

What themes have you yet to explore? How about social media? Try setting up your board like a Facebook page for a historical figure. Then let your students use historical facts to handwrite the information that appears on the page. Some students can message on the “wall” and other students can answer back. What would you say in a message to Benjamin Franklin? Would he accept your friend request?