Celebrate the Earth this Earth Day!

Celebrate the Earth this Earth Day!

April 22nd is Earth Day! It’s a chance to talk with students about our impact on the planet and ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle some of our trash. It’s a great day to spend some time outside with nature. Here are some simple project ideas that take everyday trash and turn it into fun crafts and activities!
Milk Jug Bag Monsters Project
This is a fun Earth Day project to reuse a milk jug while making a container to hold plastic grocery bags!
  • Have each student bring in a rinsed plastic milk container.
  • Cut mouth holes in the side of the container.
  • The students can paint the milk jugs with tempera paints and add faces using stickers and googly eyes.
  • They can also glue construction paper for feet and hands.

When it’s finished, regularly feed the monster used plastic bags that he will gladly cough up for a later use!

Egg Carton Scavenger Hunt
  • Collect egg cartons for each student.
  • Label the top of each egg carton compartment with images of 12 items that can be found outside.
  • Let the students go on a hunt to collect each item and store it in the egg carton.

Cereal Box Bookmarks
  • Collect empty cereal boxes for each student.
  • Have students use decorative edge scissors like the X-ACTO Zig Zag pack to cut out bookmarks.

There is a ton of room for creativity here! Students can use the blank chipboard side to decorate, or they can create collage elements using the designs and letters from the packaging.