Create a Classroom Time Capsule

Create a Classroom Time Capsule

It's an exciting time when a new school year starts. So many new faces, goals, and challenges for the upcoming school year. One interactive classroom project idea to kick off the new school year is to create a class time capsule.

How to make a time capsule

Start by decorating a canister to be used for the class predictions and notes filled out at the beginning of the year. Our example shows a recycled canister wrapped in patterned scrapbook paper along with a colored pencil border from a leftover bulletin board decorative strip. Foam stickers were used to personalize the top of the lid as well.

Next, create prediction/goal sheets for each member in the class to fill out. The prediction sheet could have sections for each student to write their own predictions, goals for the year, and a fun current event or memory to revisit at the end of the year. Load the decorated canister with the filled out sheets from the class, and secure the lid with decorative tape.

For extra security, label with a tag that reads something like "Don't open until the last day of school". Your class will have a blast at the end of a successful school year discovering which predictions and goals actually came true.