Encouraging Ways to Promote Reading in the Classroom

Encouraging Ways to Promote Reading in the Classroom

Every teacher knows that reading is one of the most important components of any classroom, no matter the age of the student. Try some of these helpful tips to help promote an encouraging reading environment in your classroom to help ensure a successful school year.

Maintain a productive classroom library. Have books on hand at various reading levels, genres, and interests. Have your library set up in a place in the classroom that students frequently pass through. Keep some books at eye level, so that students are more likely to seek out certain titles. A good way to continually grow your library is by checking out yard sales, flea markets, or used bookstores. You can also try your local library store, which will often have books at really reasonable prices. Ask for donations from parents even.

Create a quiet and enticing reading corner, which should have comfortable seating and promote a calm environment for solo or group reading.

Always remember, no matter how old a student is, spend some time every day reading aloud to your students. Read aloud at least 15-20 minutes a day for elementary and middle school students, and at least 5 minutes for high schoolers. It helps students hear the teacher model proper fluency and expression, and helps students improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills. Research shows that teachers who read aloud to their students actually motivate them to read outside of class.

When your classroom and your teaching reflect the importance of reading, your students will in turn take note. You will dramatically help create the building blocks for their future.