Fun Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. Reading and writing poetry can be such a rewarding and fun classroom activity. Poetry reading can help expand vocabulary and creative thinking in your students. Two different students can read the same poem, but get completely different meanings out of them. Here are a couple of great ways to celebrate this literary art form with your class during poetry month.

Make a Classroom Poetry Journal

Try sharing a new poem a day. You can tailor it to grade level and general interest. Encourage students to research and bring in their favorite poem and create a classroom poetry collection journal.

Create a Word Wall

Challenge your students to write a poem of their own. On one of your bulletin boards, display a number of random words. Every day, give your class a word, and have them use it in a poem. Have kids bring in their own words to add to the word wall. Have alliteration challenges or rhyming brainstorm activities to inspire them.