Getting Organized and Reuse Everyday Items

Getting Organized and Reuse Everyday Items

Get a little creative by using everyday materials to organize your classroom materials. The best part is that you are giving back to the environment too. Try stacking some jars to make an instant and attractive cubby for pencils and pens.

Upcycle Cereal Boxes

Cut and wrap recycled cereal boxes with scrapbook paper to make a handy file or book organizer. You can even make it a class project where each student can bring in their own recycled cereal box to cover and use as a personal book cubby.

Recycle Egg Cartons

Recycled egg cartons make great sorting vehicles as well. Younger students can sort different shaped, colored, and sized buttons for a great fine motor skill and sorting activity. Empty milk jugs are a great place to house plastic grocery bags that can easily be pulled out one at a time for use.

Reuse Picture Books as Art

Do you have any picture books from your library that may need to be replaced? Use cut out illustrations from old and worn picture books as bulletin board art. Kids will love to try and guess which of their favorite books it came from.

So, the next time you thing are thinking about throwing something away, consider using it in a new and inventive way to help keep your classroom organized.

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