Holiday Fingerprint Art Project

Holiday Fingerprint Art Project

If you are looking for a fun and simple winter classroom project before the holidays, look no further than the tip of your fingers. Kids of all ages will have fun making their own holiday inspired art project with this literal take on finger painting. With the use of a little paint and strategically placed painted fingerprints on a page, your class can use their imagination to create fun holiday cards.

For instance, three white fingerprints placed on top of each other in a row can be turned into a snowman. Or alternating red and white ones can be made into a candy cane. Even a simple single brown fingerprint can be made into a reindeer.

Use colored construction paper cut in half and folded to make the cards. Place a little paint on paper plates for your class to dip their fingers in and imprint on the front of each card.

A little paint goes a long way for this fun holiday project. After the painted fingerprints have dried, use permanent markers to draw faces with, and glue on ribbons or beads for extra flair. For example, reindeer antlers were drawn on with a marker, and two jiggly eyes and one red jewel were glued on to create the cute reindeer face in our example.

With a few simple tools and a little imagination, this is a perfect winter holiday class project.