Keeping Students Focused Before Winter Break with Holiday Crafts

Keeping Students Focused Before Winter Break with Holiday Crafts

It’s almost the holidays, and winter break is right around the corner. A great deal of your students may be preoccupied with images of sugarplums dancing in their heads. To bring their thoughts back to the classroom, we have some simple activities centered around the holidays with templates you can print. You can also send these holiday crafts home with your students to occupy some of their time during their winter break.

Snowflake Cutting Project

After Dec_Teacher_Template, have the students use decorative scissors to cut out the snowflake shapes. You can use ribbon to hang them from the classroom ceiling or attach them to the bulletin board.

Favorite Gift Writing Project

Download and print the template that your students can color and decorate. Ask them to write about their favorite gift they have received and from whom. Also encourage them to write about a gift they have given, whom they gave it to, and why.

Gift Tags

Download and print the templates. Your students can use decorative scissors to cut the tags. Color and decorate the tags and use them to embellish gifts.

Thank You Note

Print out a couple of templates for each child to decorate. You can talk about what makes a well-written thank you note and how to address the envelope. They can take these notes home to use for gifts they may receive over the holidays.