Make a Handprint Fall Wreath

Make a Handprint Fall Wreath

A fun classroom project and decoration idea for fall is to create a classroom handprint wreath. The colors of fall are all around, and you can easily bring them into your classroom with a little craftiness and the cooperation of your students.

Trace and Cut Out the Hand Shapes

Start by using fall-colored construction paper in red, orange, yellow, and brown. Have all of your students trace one or both of their hands onto the construction paper and cut out with scissors. You can even take it a step further and have the class write something they are thankful for on their paper hands to give it a Thanksgiving twist.

Make the wreath

Cut out a circle wreath form using your foam board cutter and a piece of foam board. Arrange the fall handprints around the foam board circle and attach with glue or tape. Add a pretty classroom banner at the top and hang on your classroom door. The handprints give the illusion at first glance of fall leaves, but as you look closer you see the many hands working together to make this classroom showpiece.