Prep Your Classroom For a Successful Year

Prep Your Classroom For a Successful Year

Preparing for the first day of a new school year can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you are a new teacher. There are materials to organize, curriculums to plan, and bulletin boards to decorate. That is a lot of work for any teacher, no matter how many years they have been teaching. By staying organized and following a few easy tips, you are sure to start off on the right foot and make this a successful year for everyone.

Create a Checklist

First of all, create a checklist, and keep it handy to add items to at all times. By writing down each and every task, and checking off as you go, you are sure not to miss anything. Don't trust your memory, because there are so many things to keep track of as the first day of school approaches. By having a written list readily available to refer to, it will keep you on track, and free up mental space to focus on other things.

Work on Your Lesson Plans

Next, take the time to prep your teacher paperwork and lesson plans. Organize student portfolios, write a welcome letter for parents, prepare a substitute teacher folder, and make all copies and handouts for the first week of school ahead of time. The time you spend before the kids arrive in your classroom, will ensure to make the first days of much less stressful.

Get Your Classroom Ready

And don't forget to prepare your classroom. When your classroom is inviting and organized, it just sets the tone for a productive school year. When the students see how much effort you put into your classroom, it sets a standard of how to behave and creates an ideal environment for learning.

When you take the steps to stay organized, you can be confident in having a successful first day of school and productive school year for all.