Put Yourself at the Top of the Class with this Creative Dry Erase Board!

Put Yourself at the Top of the Class with this Creative Dry Erase Board!

Spring break is coming up, and that means a break for kids and especially for you hard-working teachers. For this break, take a moment to reward yourself and create this great affirmation write-on/wipe-off frame that you can personalize for yourself every day!

Positive Reinforcement Everyday

Positively reinforcing your students is one of the best ways to build their self-confidence and encourage good behavior. Why not apply that same principle for yourself.

Instructions: Start with a small blank frame and customize and decorate as desired. The frame size should be small enough that you would put it on a nightstand, counter, or desk and want to personalize and look at every morning or night. Place a piece of pretty journal paper inside the frame and start off with a short phrase that you can finish. For instance – “It’s going to be a good day because…” or “I am so grateful today for…”
Or simply use it as a super fancy, fabulous to-do list.

With a wet-dry erase pen, complete each thought and personalize your board every day, every week, or whenever.

Make a Journal Cover

You can also try this technique on a journal cover. Instead of using a frame, attach a framing mat board on the front of a journal. Sandwich a sheet of clear vinyl or plastic and a sheet of lined paper behind the mat. With a wet-dry erase pen, scribble a favorite quote or inspiration in front on the vinyl. Your positive affirmation or favorite will be right there in front of you every time you want to journal.

The beauty of this craft is that you can be your best cheerleader every single day and reaffirm visually exactly what you want to say.