Recap the School Year

Recap the School Year

As the weather heats up, students (and teachers) are gearing up for summer break. While there are still a few weeks left of school take the time to have your students think back on all the things they’ve learned throughout the year.

Remembering the School Year

Use the downloadable templates provided to have students document what they’ve experienced in your class. Talk about the beginning of the year when many of them might have been nervous to have a new teacher and start a new grade. They can create welcome notes for next year's class, who might have the same fears they did at the beginning of the year.  Have the students write about what helped them to succeed during the year, and share some tips for next year's class.

Focus on the Positive!

After summer ends, the students will start another year in a new grade. Help them prepare themselves! When the new school year gets close students have a tendency to dwell on the negatives of school. Have each student draw or write down some of the things they like about school while it’s still fresh in their mind— things like spending time with friends and field trips. They can save this page and look back at it in the fall to remind them that school can be fun!