Spooktacular Halloween Projects

Spooktacular Halloween Projects

Spiders and Skulls! Bats and pumpkins! Halloween is in full force! Candy is on the mind of every student. Get their focus back into the classroom with some spooktacular fun! Have the students work on Halloween projects that you can use to decorate the room. You can use the downloadable Halloween art as a simple coloring project that can be cut out with craft scissors. Or use these ideas to turn them into activities:

Make a Batty Family

Have the students trace the bat shapes onto construction paper. Each bat will depict a person in their family. Have them decorate the bats and write the names of the family members that they represent.

Spiders Stuck in Their Webs

Have the students draw a spider web on construction paper. Cut out the spider template provided. Instruct the kids to color the spiders and paste them on the web. Suggest each student draw some of their favorite items that might also be stuck in their web.

Make halloween Masks

Print the pumpkin and skull templates. Ask the students to color in the designs and cut out the eyeholes. Punch two holes on either sides of the mask. Tie a piece of string to both holes to make a strap to keep the mask on their head.

Get creative! Print out the templates and create your own Halloween projects with the designs!