Using & Teaching Photography in the Classroom

Using & Teaching Photography in the Classroom

We are definitely living in the digital age, and that includes the use of the digital camera. Along with the internet, digital images are getting more and more accessible to use as a teaching tool in the classroom.

Photos as Inspiration for Language Arts/Writing

Use interesting photographs as inspiration for a writing or journal lesson. Or make a game of it by using a blown up portion of a photo and have the class guess what the actual picture or item is. Have your class use descriptive words to describe the image. Take a step further, and have them use their imagination to create a story or poem around the image.

Photos Add Visuals for Math

Sometimes a visual can help clarify or demonstrate a hard principle much easier than words. For instance, perspective and ratio can be most easily taught with pictures.

Photos Teach Culture in Social Studies

Show pictures of different landscapes and cultures to your students. Have them determine the differences and similarities between different cultures. Photos can show different time periods as well.

Combine Photos for a Collage in Visual Art

Have students bring in images with a certain color palette in mind. For instance, have one day be a "red" day. You can create a classroom collage board with the images until you have completed a full rainbow of items.

Using photographic images in the classroom can make any lesson come to life in pictures.