Word of the Day Spring Garden Interactive Bulletin Board

Word of the Day Spring Garden Interactive Bulletin Board

This is a great interactive bulletin board idea for teachers that can be adjusted for any grade level. Reading fluency and comprehension are one of the most important skills a kid can learn as they progress in school. This classroom activity can be a fun and inviting way to teach new words every single day, and a great way to usher in spring into the classroom environment!

Make Petals for the Bulletin Board

The concept is simple:

  • Pick an empty bulletin board in your classroom. (You could cover it with a solid color first like green for grass, or blue for sky.)
  • Then cut out circles about 2” in diameter and place on the bulletin board in a random polka-dot pattern.
  • Next, pre-cut numerous petal shaped leaves (much like the shape of an eye) from different colored construction paper (about 8” long and 4” wide). These will be your flower petals.

Add New Words to the Bulletin Board

Here’s the fun part—every day start off by introducing a new word, writing it on the petal, explaining the definition to the class, and posting on the bulletin board around one of the polka-dot circles. Continue to attach more and more word petals around circles until you have a completed flower. Invite your class to bring in their own word suggestions. Have them recite it to the class, and explain the definition. Then let them write the new word on a flower petal and add it to your indoor paper garden. Just watch your spring word garden grow! You and your class will love creating the flower garden together.