About Us

Always on the Cutting Edge of Precision

Company History

For nearly a century, the name X-ACTO® has been synonymous with precision cutting. Since the early years when X-ACTO surgical blades were saving the lives of American soldiers, through today when you can find X-ACTO cutting tools and office supplies in art studios, homes, offices and classrooms across the country, X-ACTO has been the first choice when precision and quality matter.

X-ACTO honed its very first blades and knives from the highest quality steel, engineering them for maximum sharpness and durability. While that hasn’t changed, the breadth and variety of products we offer has expanded with our customers’ needs. Generations of crafters, teacher, hobbyists and artists, office professionals, students and moms have all turned to X-ACTO for the high-quality precision tools they need to pursue their livelihoods, indulge their passions and bring projects, creations and memories to life.

Today the X-ACTO line features our legendary cutting tools as well as a full selection of office supplies, including a complete line of pencil sharpeners originally marketed under the Boston brand.

Our customers’ demand for quality, precision, style and comfort has made X-ACTO the number one brand of both hobby knives and pencil sharpeners in the United States.

X-ACTO Precision Knives

Whether it's paper, wood, cloth or any other material, X-ACTO knives let you cut through almost anything with precision and ease. After a nearly a century of perfecting our cutting tools, X-ACTO knives stand the test of time and are the #1 precision knives. Now our knives are available in different styles to provide a specific cutting solution.

X-ACTO Pencil Sharpeners

From test taking to sketching, you want a sharp point on your pencil. That’s why we offer an industry leading 10 year warranty on our pencil sharpeners. Our line of pencil sharpeners features originally marketed Boston pencil sharpeners that are now part of our exclusive collection of electric, handheld, and manual pencil sharpeners.

Whether it’s our wildly popular #1 Precision Knife with the #11 blade, or one of our top-selling pencil sharpeners, staplers, punches or paper cutters, X-ACTO has always and will always deliver the precision cutting tools that empower professional and the creative community to achieve their very best.