Add Texture to Your Art Project with Tissue Paper

Watercolor painting is usually a very flat art form and you cannot achieve the same textural properties as you can with oils or acrylics. A great and simple way to add texture to a watercolor piece is with the use of good old tissue paper in your art projects. Whether you want to add dimension to a mountainous range or make a forest of trees pop off the page, you will love this simple technique.

Plan out your landscape or scenery by sketching your design lightly onto heavyweight watercolor paper. Tear small irregular pieces of white tissue paper. Prep the areas of your painting that would like to add texture to by applying gesso onto your paper. Gesso has a thick acrylic paint chalky consistency and is used to prime a work surface before painting and can be found in your local craft store. While the gesso is still wet, attach small pieces of the tissue paper on top of the gesso, crumbling as you go to create texture as you go. Keep in mind, the use of gesso can also help add dimension depending on how thick and uneven you apply it to specific areas. Brush some additional gesso on top of each tissue paper scrap and let the whole thing dry once you have achieved the desired amount of texture.

Now, just add your color as usual on top of the tissue paper textured areas and be amazed on how your landscape comes to life!