The Art of Intricate Paper Cutting

Cutting thin lines in a paper is one of the most challenging aspects of an intricate papercutting design. The following tips will help you if you are just learning to master paper cutting:

  • Paper: Begin with thicker paper. It will hold the shape better and withstand a cut design more easily.
  • Progression: Make your cuts in a progression without skipping areas in your design. If you try and go back and cut additional lines next to an already cut area, the weakened state could damage your design and cause tearing.
  • Support: While you are cutting out your design, you may want to try and support your paper by using your other hand to hold in place. This will add stability while you cut.
  • Plan: Finally, make sure to plan for extra support structures in your paper cut design. Support structure pieces will allow for more intricate cuts and will help will more fragile areas. They can also help keep loose parts in place before mounting. It is a good rule of thumb to cut these out first so that you don't forget to leave them intact. Also, keep in mind, you can always cut away support structures once your final piece is mounted.

With a little planning, lots of practice and patience, you will be well on your way to achieving more and more intricate paper cut designs.