Cut it out! Create a Photo Collage with your X-ACTO Knife.

Want to make a photograph stand out? Then try cutting it out! All you need is your X-ACTO knife and a little creative inspiration to make the most of a great snapshot.

Start by choosing a photo and cutting out a focal point you want to accentuate. You’ll be featuring this photo element in a totally new environment. The X-ACTO knife makes it easy to eliminate unwanted details from your snapshot and smoothly cut around features like hair and arms. To achieve small, detailed cuts, try cutting the image over a self-healing mat, using a sharp blade, and keeping your hand steady.

Next, look through magazines or other photos for images you can add to your photo collage. When picking paper to coordinate with the image, try developing a theme based on color palette and details. In our example, bright pink flowers cut from magazines help pick up the bright pink color in the young girl’s shirt. We used contrasting green scrapbook paper with a flower image for the background to carry out a cohesive collage design. For composition, we placed the photo of the two girls centrally, but aligned along the bottom, just as the bottom of the picture was cut. The rest of the images become complimentary focal points, adding pop and interest to the paper collage.

As you can see, it’s easy to transform an ordinary picture into a stunning layout simply by focusing on the subject of a picture and cutting it out from its original background with your trusted X-ACTO knife.