Easter Decorations & Springtime Silhouettes

Dress up your Easter table with a homemade Easter-themed table decoration. Start with a simple silhouette of a popular Easter object – maybe a bunny, basket, or simply an egg. Then cut or carve out a pretty design inside of it that will add a level of sophistication to a festive holiday craft.

How to Make the Easter Decoration

Plan out your Easter decoration design on paper first. If you are computer savvy, and have a photo-editing program, you can start with a picture and play with the contrast levels to get the desired silhouette effect. Or you can use a piece of tracing paper over an image and trace the outline of a specific shape or image. Use your X-ACTO knife to cut out your designs.

Create and Cut Out the Interior Designs

For interior cut out designs, you could go with free-form, decorative swirls or patterns, or to evoke a springtime theme, try cutting out some flowers inside your shape. If you really want to get fancy, try carving out initials or the name of the person sitting at your dinner table and use as a festive place card. You can use either a colored cardstock paper for your silhouette designs or try 1mm sheets of colored foam. The X-ACTO knife slices really smoothly through foam sheets making it an easy and satisfying craft.

Creating Easter decorations with silhouettes is really popular right now, from home décor ideas to jewelry. And what better way to carry out this technique than on your holiday table décor.