Modern Mosaic Art

Mosaic art has been around since the time of Homer and The Odyssey. The art form was used to enhance flooring and walls. Early mosaics were designs made using inlaid pebbles. Throughout history, mosaic art has evolved as materials become available. Brightly colored stone, glass, ceramic tiles, and gold pieces were later used to create scenes for churches and other buildings.

The availability of materials has transformed modern mosaic art. Today, they can be made out of anything you can get in quantity. Traditionally mosaics where inlaid and grouted. But with new materials, come new techniques. Here are some thoughts on mosaic art materials to try:

Paper Mosaics
Paper is a versatile and inexpensive way to create a mosaic art piece. It can simply be cut into pieces in various colors, or tiles made from magazine clippings. Paper can also be folded or rolled and glued on its end dimensionally for a textural effect.

Recycled Material Mosaics
Recycled materials such as bottle caps are a creative medium for mosaics. Bottle caps come in a full spectrum of colors and sizes. They can be nested inside each other or used individually. Bottle caps can be glued or nailed to a variety of backings.

Found Object Mosaics
Plastic toys, corks, or nails can be collected and nailed or glued to a backing. Choosing unique items like these can really make your mosaic art standout.

Natural Material Mosaics
Leaves, rocks, and wood chips are readily available materials. Glue or grout can be used for these types of items. These items lend themselves to a monochromatic palette.